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Entries for the ONZ Junior & U23 Camps 2020 are now open
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Wed 29 Jul 2020 6:10pm
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Entries for the 2020 Orienteering New Zealand Junior and U23 Camps are now open! Both are being hosted in Nelson in December. Information on each camp can be found below. Please read the information carefully before completing the application form.

Christo Peters

ONZ Junior Camp 2020 Entries Now Open

Junior Camp 2020 - Entries for this year's camp in sunny Nelson are now open!

Below is information for this year’s Junior Camp. Please note that there have been some key changes to eligibility and the structure of the camp. These changes are aimed at allowing more participants to take part. We ask that parents read the information below carefully and hold-off organising their travel arrangements until the participant numbers can be confirmed (see time line below).

We are extremely happy to announce the appointment of this year’s key staff: Manager Sally Lattimore (Nelson) and Lead Coach Briana Steven (PAPO). Sally and Briana will be supported by host club Nelson as well as ONZ staff.

Where and When

  • Run in conjunction with Nelson Orienteering Club
  • Based at Teapot Valley Christian Camp, 200 Teapot Valley Road, Bridgewater, Nelson 7022 Nelson.
  • From Sunday 13th to Friday 18th December 2020
  • Applications close Monday 31st August 2020


In 2020 the Junior Camp will be operating under revised rules. Participants must be secondary school students between year 9 and 13 and must be competing at red level or competent at orange level in regular competition. Applicants that meet these criteria will be accepted into the camp as long as their club substantiates the information they have supplied is accurate. Orienteering New Zealand will not be turning away any eligible participants as long as:

  • The offer of a place at Junior Camp is accepted by the due date.
  • Arrangements are made with ONZ to pay required fees (see below) by the due date.
  • The student has no outstanding fees owing to ONZ for past trips or camps

Camp Size and Structure

Because there is no longer a limit on the number of participants able to attend the camp, there are two very different options on how the camp will run. These options are based on attendance numbers. For this reason we ask parents to not book travel for the camp until numbers are confirmed.

Eighty or less participants

The camp will follow the format or past years if the camp has eighty or less participants. This will mean the camp will run between Sunday 13th and finish and Friday 18th December. Participants will arrive on Sunday 13th throughout the day, with the first full day of scheduled activities taking place on Monday 14th December.

More than eighty participants

The maximum participants (excluding parents and staff) able to be accommodated at any time is eighty. If this number is exceeded, the camp will be split into two camps divided by participant school year levels. This would mean two camps of between 2 ½ and 3 days each. To make this option work, participants will all have to all be at the camp by a set time.

Please note that if participant numbers necessitate this option, families will be responsible for any additional costs required to ensure their child is at the camp on time. Orienteering New Zealand and hosts Nelson Orienteering Clubs will not be responsible for the supervision or travel arrangements of camp participants who are in Nelson prior to the day they attend the camp

Cost and invoicing

The participant cost of attending the Camp has been budgeted based on eighty participants attending for a week. The individual participant cost is $450 each.
If participant numbers exceed eighty, this cost is expected to decrease and parents will be advised on the reduced camp fee once numbers have been confirmed.
The overall budget for the Junior Camp is just over $47,000. Orienteering New Zealand contributes approximately $10,000 towards the camp. Key costs for the camp include accommodation, food, transport, a koha towards travel costs for the volunteer coaches that come from around New Zealand to help with the camp, and a contribution to the host club to help cover expenses incurred from organising and running the camp.
Although the camp is run by a group of experienced individuals who between them have taken New Zealand teams overseas and run past Junior Camp, they are never-the-less all volunteers which allow us to keep costs considerably lower that would otherwise be the case.

Parent Involvement

The Junior Camp can not take place without parent support. While ONZ works behind the scenes to ensure that the camp has great leadership and trained coaches, we do need the support of parents to ensure that we have effective supervision ratios. We are asking for expressions of interest from any parents interested in attending the camp. Because parent supervision is an essential element of safely running our camp, accommodation and food costs for parents are factored into the Camp budget.


Teapot Valley Christian Camp will be providing all meals for participants, staff and helpers during the duration of the camp. Because the camp is run under Christian values, attendees will be expected to take part in grace before meals.

Projected Timeline

  1. Applicants enter using an online form, cut-off date Monday 31 August.
  2. Applicants notified of 1 or 2 camp options by Thursday 3 September.
  3. Clubs substantiate the applicant information and acceptance of registration notified by 15 September.
  4. Consent form processed and list of participants published by Sunday 27 September.

Please click the link below to sign-up for Junior Camp

2020 Junior Camp Sign-Up Form

2020 U23 Camp Entries Now Open

Entries now open - 2020 U23 Camp

Below is information for this year’s U23 Camp. Included in this information are details for those who are also able to help coach the junior camp.

U23/Regional Squads Camp

  • Held between Sunday 6th and Friday 11th December 2020
  • Venue: Paretai Lodge, 129 Lee Valley Road, Wairoa Valley, Nelson 7091

Applications open to those aged between 17 and 23 years old.

This is a high performance camp open to members of the U23 squad and others by invitation. The camp focuses on technical, physical and mental preparation for competition at international level (e.g. JWOC/WUOC). Demonstrated achievement at national level and a high degree of fitness are required. Numbers are limited to 30-35..

Coaches for the Junior Camp are also encouraged to apply to attend.

Focused on optimising technical skills for competition, and building a structured training plan.

Coaches for Junior Camp

Applicants may indicate if they are available to be coaches at the Junior Camp to be held 13-18 December, supported by Nelson Orienteering Club, based at Teapot Valley Christian Camp. You must have left high-school to apply.

Previous coaching experience is desirable, and may have come in contributions to school teams, previous junior camps or regional camps. Less experienced coaches are also welcome, and will receive experience working alongside the more experienced coaches.

Coaches are encouraged to attend the U23 camp, if not available for the whole camp there is a plan to have a coaches day on the 12 December as part of the U23 camp, and coaches are very strongly encouraged to be there at least for that day.

The Junior Camp Lead Coach is Brianna Steven.

Please click the link below to sign-up for U23 Camp:

2020 U23 Camp Sign-Up Form

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