Going to the Australian Carnival week in Sept?
By Catriona McBean - Tue 5 Sep 2017 8:38am
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Going to the Australian Carnival week in Sept?
Have you entered the relay?
Did you not enter the relay as you didn’t have a team?

Jean Cory-Wright is coordinating the relay teams for the Australian Relay champs (not Aus schools relay) on Sun 1 Oct for all age groups. She will use the entry list that the Australian organisers have sent to her, which is on eventor.

Please email her if you have already planned a team (adults) and let me know who it is and what leg order.

For the juniors she will be using the schools team, the invitation team and any other names that pop up on the list.

For juniors Jean will consult selectors to pick a top M/W 17-20 and M/W16 and possibly M/W14 team and the rest will be mixed up. Some of the 16’s may be asked to run 17-20. Some of the 14’s may be asked to run 16. The main aim is to give as many people as possible a team to be part of.

To contact Jean – jean.corywright@gmail.com

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