By Malcolm Ingham - Thu 19 Mar 2020 9:36am
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Cancellation of JWOC / WUOC trials this weekend
We are sorry for the very short notice for this but the trials for the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) / World University Championships (WUOC) this weekend are now cancelled.

The primary concern is the number of people who would be travelling to and from Auckland by air at a time when incoming travellers to New Zealand are still flying around the country prior to self-isolation. We understand that some people are uncomfortable in taking the risk flying at this time, and being a trial, this places undue pressure on some individuals to attend, who may otherwise choose not to fly at this time. We have taken advice on this, and a decision was made in consultation with the High Performance Director and ONZ Leadership – we believe a cautious approach with the health and safety of triallists in mind is appropriate at this time.

Please note that whilst the Trials themselves are cancelled, the AOS events to be run in conjunction with the trials will still go ahead. People who were attending the Trials and who still wish to compete, should still be able to run in the AOS event. Please contact the organisers if you have questions about this.

Updated Friday 20 March 2020: After consideration of many factors in an ever-changing situation including some unknowns, NWOC have decided to cancel this weekend’s events – OS2 and OS3. NWOC appreciate all those who have put in many hours already preparing for the event. The great maps will keep and we hope to be able to reschedule for another time. For now, we wish everyone continued good health. Regards North West.

Please also be aware that the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) yesterday cancelled all IOF events until May 31. In the light of this it is now extremely unlikely that JWOC and WUOC will go ahead as scheduled. We will review the situation as things develop and will reschedule trials as appropriate when necessary.

Please do share and forward this message to others, so that it can get through to anyone affected by this decision


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