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King’s Birthday in Golden Bay  |  1-3 June 2024
By Christo Peters - Sun 4 Feb 2024 10:03pm

What do you need to know about Nelson Orienteering Club’s (NOC) King’s Birthday this year?

  • High quality orienteering on the way to and in Golden Bay, one bay ‘over’ from Nelson
  • A compact orienteering weekend, with the first start on Saturday at 1pm, and course closure on
    Monday at 12 noon
  • Incorporates additional competitions, including the Pinestars versus Bushrangers Test Match
  • The Long and the Sprint are on brand-new maps. The Middle will take place on the stunning
    Canaan Downs South map, terrain described by fresh-former NOC president Matt Ogden as
    “Pure New Zealand orienteering, the spiritual epicentre for the sport”
  • Online entries via EnterO open 1 March 2024
  • Book travel early, so you have plenty of time to make it to your first event on time
    We would like to encourage participants to find accommodation in Golden Bay for both Saturday- and Sunday night, to minimise travel times.

KB2024 Schedule
Saturday 1 June 2023–  Middle: The venue is Canaan Downs, located on top of the Takaka Plateau, on the way to Golden Bay, ‘taking a right’ just below the Takaka Hill summit. While approximately 80km from Nelson Airport, please plan at least two hours to drive there. The first starts are scheduled from 1PM onwards. You will be running in terrain immortalised by Peter Jackson when Aragon helps the hobbits flee from the Black Riders in ‘Lord of the Rings: An Unexpected Journey’.

Sunday 2 June 2023 – Long: The venue is near Kaihoka Lakes, a brand-new map on the West Coast, almost exclusively on private farmland near the Whanganui Inlet. The first starts are scheduled from 10am onwards.

Monday 3 June 2023 – Sprint: The venue is ‘in town’, as locals would say: Takaka’s Golden Bay High School and Takaka Primary School. The start window will be between 9 -11am, with course closure at 12 noon. Additional information, including previous maps, embargo notices and photo impressions can be found on the King’s Birthday 2024 website.
We have tried to optimise start- and finish times around the required travelling. Requests for= adapted start times due to travel arrangements will not be taken into consideration.

Personalised recommendations:
For those of you lucky enough to come earlier or stay longer, Golden Bay has a lot to offer aside from amazing orienteering. To help participants experience all this wonderful area has to offer, NOC members involved in the event have shared their personal top tips for diverse activities and great food and drinks. Would you like to know where Riley Croxford goes for fresher-than-fresh salmon, which MTB-track Maggi Salmon recommends or where Nathan Fa’avae encourages you go canyoning? Visit the website, and you’ll find out!

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