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Long distance beckons in both Latvia and Austria
By Malcolm Ingham - Sat 11 Aug 2018 5:48am
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Saturday 11 August brings the long distance events at both WOC in Latvia and WMTBOC in Austria. Overall 7 Kiwis will be In action, 4 in the former and three in the later. After a day of 30 degree temperatures in Sigulda tomorrow promises not only to be cooler (22-24 C) but also cloudy. This is much to the relief of Matt, Gene, Imogene and Lizzie who will line up at WOC. The men are faced with a whopping 16.1 km with 640 m of climb, while Imogene and Lizzie will have 9.9 km and a mere 475 m of climb. As we have seen already this week, although Latvia as whole is relatively flat the climbs are of Wellington-like steepness. With low visibility again expected to be dominant it is going to be a case of steady, steady, steady. Similar weather conditions are expected in Waldviertel in Austria where Conal Boland-Bristow will have 27 km in front of him. Tegan and Georgia in Junior Women have the somewhat more modest prospect of 15.6 km.

With a choice of live tracking to watch it may be a long Saturday night in New Zealand. Start times are:

WOC – Imogene 11:16 (8.16 pm NZ), Lizzie 12:26 (9.26pm), Matt 14:30 (11.30pm), Gene 14:50 (11.50 pm)

WMTBOC: Conal 10:48 (8.48 pm NZ), Tegan 09:50 (7.50 pm), Georgia 10:08 (8.08 pm)


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