Long long distance for Tim and Toby at WC2 (IOF World Cup 2021)
By Malcolm Ingham - Fri 13 Aug 2021 12:07pm
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A tough long distance opened the second round of the IOF World Cup at Idrefjäll, Sweden overnight. Passing through challenging hilly terrain at an altitude of 630-880m above sea level. Only one man was under 100 minutes and two women under 90. New Zealand’s two representatives were well down in the field, with Toby Scott finishing 61st in 2:08:52 and Tim Robertson 83rd another 15 minutes back.

The men’s race was won by new world long distance champion Kasper Harlem Fosser of Norway by just under two minutes from fellow countryman, and WOC bronze medallist, Magne Daehli. Daniel Hubmann, 4th in the WOC long distance was 3rd.

1. Kasper Harlem Fosser (NOR) 1:39:53, 2. Magne Daehli (NOR) 1:41:32, 3. Daniel Hubmann (SUI) 1:43:13, 4. Gustav Bergman (SWE) 1:44:04, 5. Timo Sild (EST) 1:45:43, 6. Matthias Kyburz (SUI) 1:47:02, 61. Toby Scott (NZL) 2:08:52, 83. Tim Robertson (NZL) 2:23:09.

Having won all three individual titles at WOC and both the races in the first round of the World Cup, Tove Alexandersson suffered her first defeat of the international season finishing 3rd behind Simona Aebersold of Switzerland and Andrine Benjaminsen of Norway. Tim’s girlfriend, Emma Bjessmo, was an impressive 5th.

1. Simona Aebersold (SUI) 1:28:31, 2. Andrine Benjaminsen (NOR) 1:29:11, 3. Tove Alexandersson (SWE) 1:30:29, 4. Hanna Lundeberg (SWE) 1:32:23, 5. Emma Bjessmo (SWE) 1:37:23, 6. Sabine Hauswirth (SUI) 1:39:08.

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