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Map Embargoes – Trial races for JWOC/WUOC 21-22 March 2020
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Mon 23 Dec 2019 2:52pm
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North West Orienteering Club

Map embargoes – JWOC (Junior World Orienteering Championship) and WUOC (World University Orienteering Championship) trial races Saturday 21 March (middle) and Sunday 22 March (long) 2020

The two areas of Woodhill Forest and adjacent land defined below are embargoed to any participants in the JWOC/WUOC trial and public races. In addition, all the land is privately owned and can only be accessed by anyone with the land owner’s permission.

Both trial race areas are new maps (mapping December 2019 / January 2020) of areas that have not been used for orienteering for many years. Copies of the historic (old) maps will be included in the event bulletin (published early February 2020).

The start times for the JWOC / WUOC trial races each day are expected to be from 9.30 am to 11 am. Given the distance from the airport, walk to event centre and start, JWOC/WUOC triallists from outside Auckland will need to stay in Auckland on Friday night.

Both events are also part of the National O-League series.

Malcolm Ingham is coordinating the JWOC & WUOC entries mandg.ingham@xtra.co.nz
Event coordinator – Annemarie Hogenbirk northwestorienteering@gmail.com

Embargoed areas

Middle event – 21 March 2020

North of the existing 2019 Turkey Ridge map, and may include portions of the existing Slater Road map and Otakanini forest map.



Long event – 22 March 2020

The area north of the existing Hedley Dunes map, south of the existing Lake Kereta map and west of Wilson Road.



Public races

On both days there will be public Auckland orienteering Series events after the JWOC / WUOC triallists have started. A great opportunity to run on these new maps in quality sand dune terrain. Excellent training for the nationals 3 weeks later. Five red courses, two orange, a yellow and a white. The public starts are expected to be after 11 am, enter on the day.

Download the PPDF version of this Embargo Notice:  Embargo-NWOC-Auckland-JWOC-Trials-March2020 (PDF 370KB)

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