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More spaces for Orienteers at World Masters Games 2017
By Catriona McBean - Thu 17 Nov 2016 9:21am
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More spaces for Orienteers at World Masters Games 2017

With the number of registered orienteers for WMG2107 approaching the originally anticipated ceiling of 1,000 athletes five months out from the Games Opening Ceremony, Orienteering New Zealand has negotiated with WMG2017 spaces for an additional 400 orienteers in both the Sprint and Long Distance competition.

WMG2017 incorporates the 2017 World Masters Orienteering Championship(WMOC). This annual Championship event can attract up to 3,000 competitors when staged in the Scandinavia, the home of orienteering. Eight years ago, when WMOC was last staged in Australasia, as part of the Sydney World Masters Games in 2009 it attracted 1,200 athletes, so it is exciting to target 1,400 for Auckland in 2017.

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