National O League 2019 Round 1 – SI Champs
By Malcolm Ingham - Wed 30 Jan 2019 4:35pm
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A hot weekend for the first round of the NOL (SuperSeries). No surprises in M21E and W21E where Gene Beveridge and Nick Hann fought it out for the men, and Lizzie Ingham was a clear winner on all 3 days for the women. Very interesting in the 20’s though with Ronan Lee taking the sprint and pushing Joseph Lynch all the way in the long, before perhaps suffering on Sunday with the heat and climb. Execellent weekend too for Tessa Burns in W20 with two wins and a second.
Leading points after the round are.
M21E: Gene Beveridge 280, Nick Hann 180, Ed Cory-Wright 120, Connor Short 120, Matt Scott 110, Tim Wright 106
W21E: Lizzie Ingham 300, Lara Molloy 190, Sara Prince 190, Tessa Ramsden 135, Ellie Molloy 97, Lara Scott 85
M20: Joseph Lynch 280, Ronan Lee 225, Scott Smith 170, Will Tidswell 160, Oliver Egan 128, Jason Bond 127
W20: Tessa Burns 280, Marisol Hunter 185, Katie Cory-Wright 181, Marina Comeskey 165, Kaia Jeorgensen 160, Briana Steven 135
Thanks to all for supporting MOC over the weekend. hope you have all cooled down. More to come in HP News.

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