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National Orienteering League 2019 – and the winners are…..
By Malcolm Ingham - Wed 5 Jun 2019 10:02am
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The Queen’s Birthday 3-day event was also the final round of the NOL. The series consisted of 11 races in total with the best 8 scores to count, with competition in men’s women’s senior and junior elites classes.

The M21E title was retained by Gene Beveridge who was in fact the only one in this class to run in all 11 races. Gene was 80 points ahead of 2016 and 2017 winner Nick Hann. Matt Ogden, who ran in only 6 races, was third with a relatively large gap back to the next placings.

M21E: 1. Gene Beveridge 700, 2. Nick Hann 620, 3. Matt Ogden 510, 4. Ed Cory-Wright 338, 5. Conor Short 330 , 6. Tommy Hayes 327 – full table Senior Men (M21E)

In W21E Imogene Scott took the title for the third consecutive year with 680 points, overhauling Lara Molloy over the course of the weekend. A series of consistent performances pulled Renee Beveridge into 3rd place just ahead of Sara Prince.

W21E: 1. Imogene Scott 680, 2. Lara Molloy 561, 3. Renee Beveridge 494, 4. Sara Prince 440, 5. Alice Tilley 332, 6. Tessa Ramsden 307 – full table     Senior Women (W21E)

Pride of place, however, goes to Joseph Lynch in M17-20E, who won 7 of the 11 races, finishing with 780 points out of a possible maximum of 800. Joseph was another to retain the title won in 2018. Second place went to Kurtis Shuker with Will Tidswell third.

M17-20E: 1. Joseph Lynch 780, 2. Kurtis Shuker 490, 3. Will Tidswell 452, 4. Daniel Monckton 433, 5. Stephen Harding 413, 6. Scott Smith 375 – full table Junior Men (M17-20E)

W17-20E was the only class with a new winner as Katie Cory-Wright took out the win with 600 points. Tessa Burns, the ealy leader in the series missed the last 3 races in favour of ensuring making the schools team to Australia, thus finishing 88 points behind. Third place produced a tie between Briana Steven and Kaia Joergensen.

W17-20E: 1. Katie Cory-Wright 600, 2. Tessa Burns 512, 3=. Briana Stevens 490, 3=. Kaia Joergensen 490, 5. Jessica Sewell 427, 6. Marisol Hunter 365 – full table Junior Women (W17-20E)

The junior elite classes were in fact highly competitive with no fewer than 13 of the men’s field and 11 of the women’s competing in at least 8 of the 11 races.

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