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Navigation & Orienteering in GODZone Adventure Race
By Roger Woodroofe - Wed 4 Mar 2015 12:15pm

As at midday today, two teams have completed the GODZone Adventure Race orienteering section on the Waikaia orienteering map. The race is currently on day five in the breathtaking lakes and mountains in the Lake Wanaka region, South Island, New Zealand.

Navigation is important throughout the adventure race and teams usually have one or more navigators. As the race progresses the navigation gets more challenging. Not only are teams getting tired and fatigued, the course is designed in such a way that there is more route choice and harder navigation – especially in the orienteering section.

The rules of the GODZone Adventure race orienteering section: Teams must collect all checkpoints. They have a clip card which ensures they visit them all. Check points can be collected in any order.

The leading team, Team Seagate, with Chris Forne navigating completed the orienteering course in just over 4hrs. The second team, Columbia Vidaraid took 13.5 hours in the dark including one hour of sleep.

You can follow progress through the events website. The orienteering map the teams are using in Stage 8 of the adventure race is shown overlayed on the Live Tracking map to show the detail the teams are dealing with. http://godzoneadventure.com/live/tracking/

Kiwi orienteers participating in the race include Chris Forne, Tim Farrant, Tom Reynolds, Emily Forne, Tane Cambridge, Georgia Whilta, and Rhys Burns.

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