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New Zealand School Team 2015 – Invitation for Reserves
By Catriona McBean - Thu 6 Nov 2014 6:26pm
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Invitation for Reserves

New Zealand School Team 2015

Tasmania 2 – 11 January 2015

Orienteering NZ is inviting athletes who will be in Tasmania for the 2015 Oceania Championships  2 – 11 January 2015, who are interested and available to be considered as a reserve for the New Zealand School Test Match Team against Australia.

These athletes will not be considered as part of the team, or travel/stay with the team, unless they are required to cover for a team member who is injured or ill and unable to compete for New Zealand in the Test Match.

If you are eligible and interested in being a team reserve, please contact Derek Morrison, Team Manager, by Sunday 7 December.

Derek Morrison (derekmorrison5@gmail.com)

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