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By Joolz - Fri 21 Oct 2022 9:14pm
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A new re-jig of the National Orienteering League (NOL) and National Sprint League (NSL) points system is about to ramp-up in energy into a sports class leader table. Malcolm has a table attached with current scaling right now, based on past performance, but a new NOL and NSL season will start this weekend at the Tūāraki / North & Auckland champs. 

How it will work:

• Only one NOL table for men, and one for women

• 21E get points based on 100 for the winner of a race (as at present)

• 20E get points based on 80 for the winner unless 20E is on the same course as 21E when they get points based on 100 for the combined winner

• 18A, 20A, 21W get points based on 60 for the winner. If any of these classes are on the same course (e.g. 20A and 21A) the points get calculated on the combined winner

• At KB the school senior classes would also be included

• At the end of the NOL there are winners in 21E, 20E and Sport in terms of position on the overall table

• Total score based on best 4 scores from ONZ and KB combined plus best 3 others

• We’ll add in 35 and 40. This weekend M40 is on same course as 21A (course 3) and M20 and 18 are both on C4. Women are split between 3 (21E), 4 (20E), 5 (40) and 6 (18, 20 and 21) but we can cope with that.

• We’ve recalculated the M21 results from 2022 using the above and these are attached in the pdfs – one showing the original calculation and one the revised calculation. In the revised calculation, numbers in red represent points for M20E athletes where M20E was on a different course to M21E (i.e. max 80 for the winner). Numbers in blue are those awarded for running in M18A, M20A, M21A where these existed. Comparing across events where people ran different classes it seems that the weightings of 0.8 and 0.6 are about right.

This weekend the whole event will start  the 2022-23 NOL season starting tomorrow. 

Making it count!  ReSet ✈︎ReStart ✈︎ReIgnite. Revised Sport class system:

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