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By Malcolm Ingham - Sun 26 Jun 2022 7:39pm
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Despite the slight distraction of the first WOC race this evening in Denmark, here are the final leading positions in the NOL following Sunday’s middle distance at Matariki-O. The relatively small field, given the absence of many of the top athletes at WOC, and some having departed, or being in the throes of departure for JWOC, meant that there was essentially no change at the very top. In M21E, however, Ronan Lee and Jonty Oram cemented their 2nd and 3rd places behind the absent Gene Beveridge. Only Matt Ogden, who remained hiding in Nelson, could have disturbed this.

M21E: 1. Gene Beveridge 754.4, 2. Ronan Lee 690.8, 3. Jonty Oram 616.3

In W21E, similarly the top 3 positions held by Imogene Scott, Lizzie Ingham and Kaia Joergensen remained unchanged, although Tessa Ramsden climbed closer to Kaia in finishing 4th.

W21E: 1. Imogene Scott 757.3, 2. Lizzie Ingham 700.0, 3. Kaia Joergensen 618.2

Gene and Imogene, once WOC is over and they have had a tiki-tour of the Italian 50day and O-Ringen, now head off to Canada for a year where Imogene has a research fellowship in Vancouver.

The junior classes were particularly thin at Matariki and only Molly McGowan, with two impressive runs, moved up to disturb the top places.

M20E: 1. Zefa Fa’avae 789.8, 2. Ryan Moore 744.7, 3. Fergus O’Neill 708.4

W20E: 1. Zara Stewart 745.3, 2. Katherine Babington 735.6, 3. Molly McGowan 696.9

Full results lists will be published, post-WOC,

Meanwhile, at the aforementioned event, we learnt yesterday that Laura Robertson, once she has an actual paper document in her hands, is now free to travel to Denmark. We are hopeful that, at the very least, she will be able to line up in Thursday’s individual sprint. Lizzie is also making good progress in covid-recovery and may even make the KO on Tuesday.

Now over to the WOC Sprint Relay.

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