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Notice to all NZ orienteers going to Australian Carnival this September 2016
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Thu 1 Sep 2016 3:43pm
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Australia Orienteering Championships 2016

Australian Relay Champs Coordination for NZ

Jean Cory-Wright will be the relay coordinator for all NZ entries for the 2016 Australian relay champs. Note that the Australian Schools relay champs is a different event and these schools teams will be coordinated by Derek Morrison and Mike Harding.

If you are in an adult grade or a junior who is not in the Pinestars, Schools team or Invitation team, please send Jean your email address so she can contact you if needed. She has all the other email addresses.  jean.corywright@gmail.com

Jean will put adults in appropriate age group teams where possible.

Jean will create junior teams as follows:

  • M/W 20 teams will be made up of Pinestars team and then the schools senior team and then the invitation team and then others as needed.
  • M/W16 teams will be made up of schools team seniors who are still in grade M/W16 and then schools team juniors and M/W16’s invitation team , and then other M/W 16’s.
  • M/W 14 will be made up of any schools team juniors in this grade, invitation team and then others.
  • M/W 12 teams will be made up of the M/W12 in consultation with the coaches/parents bringing them.
  • Some of the M/W 16’s may be needed to run up in the M/W 20E and some M/W 14 may be needed to run up in M/W14 and therefore some of the M/W 12’s will be needed to run up in M/W 14. Jean will consult with these people by email.

We have a great presence there and hope to beat the Aussies on their own back door 🙂

Course Lengths For Relays

Below is a schedule, which will be appearing in the Carnival program, which sets out the length and climb for the various relay courses:

Course Class Length (km) Climb (m)
1 M21E 6.8 170
2 M-20E; M35 5.8 155
3 W21E; M45 5.1 130
4 W-20E;W35 4.5 105
5 W45; M-16; M21AS; M55, Mixed Hard 4.3 110
6 W21AS; W55; M65 3.7 90
7 W-16; W65 3.0 75
8 M-14; M Open B; Mixed Moderate 3.4 75
9 W-14; W Open B 2.8 70
10 M/W -12 Combined; Mixed Easy 1.8 35

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