Oceania entries are open!
By Christo Peters - Wed 29 Sep 2021 5:00pm
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Oceania Orienteering NZ 2022 January

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to open entries for Oceania Champs 2022, and release Bulletin 1 which provides more detail about each of the events. The Nelson, Marlborough, Dunedin and Peninsula and Plains (Christchurch) orienteering clubs have combined forces to plan an awesome week of orienteering for you. Get your entry in and book your summer holiday now!
It goes without saying we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll be orienteering together in the South Island come January. Please read the following links for information around entry, how the event will be run under different COVID scenarios, and in the worst case cancellation:

Key links:

Oceania Event Status

ONZ and Orienteering Australia plan to make a decision in mid November on the Oceania Champs retaining their championship status, based on the likelihood of Australian and NZ athletes being able to attend. In the event of Australian athletes being unlikely to be able to attend due to COVID restrictions, the event will lose it’s championship status. This decision will be made in conjunction with hosts Peninsula and Plains Orienteering (PAPO).

All parties feel that this decision making process will provide clarity to potential attendees before entry closure while providing hosts with clarity regarding the event they are preparing for – a full Oceania Championships or a smaller “unofficial” NZ event.  This will also allow participants from outside NZ roughly two weeks to decide if they wish to enter and make travel arrangements. Of course this decision will be made with reference to the information available to us at that time, and doesn’t preclude the possibility of further disruption as a result of COVID in the period after mid November.

Both ONZ and Orienteering Australia are extremely appreciative of the efforts of the organising team who are continuing to plan for the event to take place, with different contingencies being put in place to allow for differing levels of disruption.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next January!

Keep up to date with via:

Website: http://oceaniao.nz/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oceaniaONZ2022
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oceaniaonz2022

Any questions? Contact us at: oceaniaONZ2022@gmail.com

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