ONZ Annual Awards | Presented at the NZ Orienteering Champs
By Christo Peters - Thu 2 May 2024 6:09pm
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Congratulations to our award winners this year. Here is the list of those announced at the prizegiving evening during the 2024 New Zealand Orienteering championships in Rotorua, Bay of Plenty this year. 

Life Membership  |   Malcolm Ingham (RK) 

  • Services as ONZ’s Performance Leader over a 8-9 year period. Malcolm has spent countless hours of his own time helping out otherwise minimally assisted athletes and providing resources and training opportunities at a very high level compared to other countries high performance systems, something that Malcolm has never been willing to accept payment for. This included more than 100 monthly editions of “High Performance News”!
  • Malcolm has been responsible for establishing the U23 Camp and National Sprint League, was the mastermind behind the creation of the Oceania Sprint Championships, and has overseen nearly a decade of World Orienteering Championship Teams. 
  • Malcolm has produced ONZ’s High Performance plan and has been instrumental in forming and expanding a relationship with High Performance Sport NZ providing benefits for our nationally and internationally based athletes. He has also championed Prime Minister’s scholarships, part of the reason that Orienteers have received a disproportionate amount of finding through this programme in recent years. 

Services to ONZ Award   |  Peter Swanson (OBOP) 

  • He has a cheerful attitude, a calm presence, and a huge can-do attitude. He served on OBOP’s club committee where he has been a rock of stability as the club has grown.  
  • He is a key person for the change in culture of ONZ to a organization delivering value for money to its members  
  • He has led major projects for our club and ONZ, including NZ Mountain Bike O champs, the ONZ long term strategy as well as President’s and Club Forums and has championed member engagement. 

Administrator of the Year Award  | Lisa Mead (NW) 
For her tireless work supporting numerous many aspects of NWOC including finances, website, event communication, internal documents, event set-up and registration. Lisa is an absolute pleasure to work with and often picks up additional roles to ensure everything happens smoothly. 

President’s Award   |   Alan Moore (PAPO) 

  • Since transitioning to Christchurch several years ago, Alan has introduced many innovations and contributed countless hours as the Events Coordinator for the PAPO committee. PAPO has seen a significant increase in the quantity, quality and variety of events resulting in a vibrant Canterbury orienteering community as a result.  
  • Alan has fostered a programme of youth development, initiated a wiki for event organisation resources and grown club spirit through organising group accommodation for events outside of Christchurch. 

Innovation Award    | Neill McGowan (AOC) 
For his innovative work leading and transforming systems at Auckland Orienteering Club. 

Volunteer Service Awards  |  Three years
Matt Bixley (2022), Guy Cory-Wright (2023), Sophie Harrison (2022), Selwyn Palmer (2023), Briana Steven (2022)

Volunteer Service Awards  |  Six years
Jenni Adams (2024),  Magnus Bengtsson (2024),  Matt Bixley (2024), Russell Higham (2023)  

Coach of the Year  | Val Robinson (CMOC) 

  • For her role coaching and mentoring students. She has been the single biggest advocate for the inclusion of Orienteering in Auckland’s intermediate space. 
  • Annually for the past five years Val has led a team that coaches 3000+ students in South and East Auckland, Val herself has been responsible for coaching more than 1000 students in schools annually, primarily in the primary and intermediate space. 

International Performance of the Year | 2023 World Cup Sprint Relay Team
Awarded to: Joseph Lynch (PAPO), Laura Robertson (OHV), Tim Robertson (OHV), Penelope Salmon (AOC)   For the top achievement by a junior individual or team in international competition in the year nominated. 7th place in World Cup 2 Sprint relay 

Junior International Performance of the Year    |   Zefa Fa’avae (NOC) 
For the top achievement by a junior individual or team in international competition in the year nominated. 5th in the JWOC Long 

Brighouse Trophy  | Carsten Joergensen (PAPO) 
For best overall performance within age group category across the Nationals and Regional Championships Long Distance Events. 

MTBO of the Year Award    |    Georgia Whitla (PP)  
Top performing rider at the NZ MTBO Champs in 2023 

Rogainer of the Year   |  Vivian Prince (PAPO)  

  • Part of a team of New Zealanders that attended the World Championships in Tahoe, Viviene won Gold in both Super Vets and Ultra Vets easily earning making her our top performing athlete. 

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