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ONZ Annual General Meeting Wed 15 April 2020 at 7:30pm
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Wed 15 Apr 2020 10:19am
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OrienteeringNZ Annual General Meeting - Wed 15th April 2020

A final reminder that the ONZ Annual General Meeting (AGM) is being held using the Zoom Video Conference service on Wednesday 15th April 2020 at 7:30pm. All orienteering club members are welcome to attend.

How To Attend The Meeting

Please use this link to attend the meeting – https://zoom.us/j/185960759

We ask that all clubs are represented at the meeting.  Please ensure that your club has a voting delegate attending.

Downloadable copies of the ONZ Annual Report (updated 10th April) , 2019 AGM Minutes and 2020 AGM Agenda can be accessed by either clicking these documents or the link below.

Link to folder – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yj54uyb0zogllg3/AAC2ZrFdUCtdBwhbhjV9PMG_a?dl=0

Prior to Meeting: Update Your Zoom Software

If you have previously installed Zoom on your computer, please check you have updated to the latest version of the Zoom desktop software.  
On Windows 10 – Open Zoom, Access the apps “profile menu” which is found in upper right hand corner. Select “Check for Updates”.
On Mac – Open Zoom in Applications folder. In the Zoom.us menu select “Check for updates”.
On mobile devices – the software should be updated through the Apple/Google Play app stores updates.
Alternatively visit https://zoom.us/support/download to download and install the latest version. This will update previously installed versions.
After you have updated your Zoom software please use this link to attend the ONZ AGM meeting – https://zoom.us/j/185960759

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