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Reminder: Oceania 2019 Entries close 31 August 2019
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Sun 11 Aug 2019 9:54pm
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Oceania 2019 - Orienteering Fun on the A41

Entries for Oceania 2019 Carnival close 31st August 2019.  Competition starts in New South Wales, Australia with the Oceania Sprint at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga on the afternoon of Saturday 28 September 2019 and concludes with the Oceania Middle in Victoria at Beechworth on the morning of Sunday 6 October 2019.

Every two years the IOF member nations of the Oceania region conduct the Oceania Championships in Sprint, Middle, and Long Distance orienteering events and a Relay event.

At each Oceania Championships Australia and New Zealand also compete in the Australia-New Zealand Challenge (AUS-NZL Challenge), consisting of an Individual Challenge (based on the Oceania Sprint, Middle and Long Championships) and a Relay Challenge (based on the Oceania Relay Championships).

The Oceania 2019 Carnival is hosted by Orienteering ACT in conjunction with Orienteering NSW and Orienteering Victoria. The carnival will be centred on Wagga Wagga, NSW, the heart of the Riverina, but events will extend along the A41 Olympic Highway and beyond – from Cootamundra to the Beechworth/Wangaratta region in Victoria. The whole region boasts a range of natural and cultural attractions plus a fine array of places to eat and drink.

In addition to the IOF regional Oceania 2019 competition, this year the carnival as a whole incorporates multiple different events:

  • Oceania 2019 – all disciplines – Sprint, Middle, Long, Relay = events 1,8,7,3
  • Australian Championships – Long and Relay disciplines = events 2,3
  • Australian Schools Championships – Sprint, Long, Relay = events 4a,5a,6a
  • Australian Universities Championships – held in conjunction with Oceania Sprint = event 1
  • Riverina Run – a mid-week public 3-day event held in conjunction with the Schools Championships – Sprint, Long, Long = events 4b,5b,6b
  • Juniors Invitational Tour – see details in the events Bulletin 1.

Details of event dates, locations and personnel are included in the event Bulletin 1. Additional details will be provided on the carnival website and in Bulletin 2.

Website: https://oceania2019.orienteering.asn.au

Contact: Oceania2019@orienteering.asn.au

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