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Selection Announcement – ANZ TEST MATCH PINESTARS 2018
By Catriona McBean - Thu 17 May 2018 3:16pm
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The provisional New Zealand Pinestars team will compete against the Australian Bushrangers at the Jafa Queens Birthday 3-day event to be held in Woodhill Forest 2-4 June 2018.


W20EMeghan Drew(AOC)
 Marisol Hunter(PAPO)
 Tegan Knightbridge(NWOC)
 Jenna Tidswell(HBOC)
W21ERenee Beveridge (Day 1 and 2 only)(NWOC)
 Amelia Horne(RK)
 Ellie Molloy(WGTN)
 Sarah O’Sullivan (Day 3 only)(WGTN)
 Tessa Ramsden(RK)
 Imogene Scott(AOC)
 Heidi Stolberger(NWOC)
M20EOliver Egan(PAPO)
 Max Griffiths(NWOC)
 Joseph Lynch(WGTN)
 Daniel Monckton(NWOC)
 Kurtis Shuker(CMOC)
 Will Tidswell(HBOC)
M21EGene Beveridge,(NWOC)
 Cameron de I’Isle (Day 2 and 3only)(NWOC)
 Tommy Hayes(AOC)
 Matt Ogden (Day 1 only)(NWOC)
 Cameron Tier(NWOC)



In accordance with the ONZ Selection Policy, if no appeals are received within 48hours of this

provisional team announcement, the team will be confirmed as listed above.

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