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Updated 28 March 2017

The ANZ Challenge will be held in Auckland on 14-17 April 2017 as part of the Oceania Championships.

Women Men
Grade Name Grade Name
16 Olivia Collins 16 Isaac Egan
Jessica Sewell Tom Harding
Georgia Skelton Liam Stolberger
18 Katie Cory-Wright 18 Andrei Popovici
Danielle Goodall Calum Sutherland
Jenna Tidswell Ryan Williams
20 Kayla Fairbairn 20 Devon Beckman
Lara Molloy Ed Cory-Wright
Alice Tiley Tommy Hayes
21 Renee Beveridge (all except Sprint) 21 Gene Beveridge
Imogene Scott Nick Hann (all except Long)
Georgia Whitla Matt Ogden
Jula McMillan (Sprint only) Chris Forne (Long only)
40 Sally Lattimore 40 Nick Harris
 Sara Prince Tim Wright
Sarah Wright Neil Kerrison
45 Jenni Adams 45 Matt Bixley
Tania Larsen Mark Lawson
 Christine Browne Neil Murray
50 Lyn Stanton 50 Alistair Cory-Wright
Suzanne Stolberger Bill Edwards
 Genivieve Webb Jeff Greenwood
55 Jean Cory-Wright 55 Greg Barbour
Carey Nazzer Peter Cleary
Jay Paterson Alister Metherell
60 Gillian Ingham 60 Dave Armstrong
Lisa Mead Malcolm Ingham
Annette Orchard Ted van Geldermalsen
65 Dorothy Kane 65 Pat Bodger
Mary Moen Nick Collins
Joanna Stewart Rob Garden (all except Long)
Alistair Stewart (Long only)
70 Royce Mills 70 Ross Brighouse
Jill Dalton Dave Middleton
Lorri O’Brien Michael Wood
75 Yett Gelderman 75 Terry Brighouse
Val Robinson John Robinson
Chris Gelderman


Manager – Alister Metherell


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