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Selection Announcement – New Zealand Secondary Schools Team 2018
By Catriona McBean - Fri 15 Jun 2018 8:35pm
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Adelaide and Surrounds, 29 September to 7 October 2018

The New Zealand Secondary Schools Team selected to compete for the Southern Cross Trophy against the six Australian states and the Australian Capital Territory in the 2018 Australian Schools Championships is:


Senior Boys:

Jason Bond (Taranaki)

Tom Harding (PAPO)

Oak Jones  (Taranaki)

Liam Stolberger (North West)

Reserve 1: Patrick Hayes (Auckland)

Reserve 2: Liam Thompson (Auckland)


Senior Girls:

Lucy Burrell (Auckland)

Carolyne Nel (Hawkes Bay)

Jessica Sewell (North West)

Georgia Skelton (CMOC)

Reserve 1: Anna Cory-Wright (Auckland)

Reserve 2: Olivia Collins (North West)


Junior Boys:

Olaf Baker (Wellington)

Ryan Moore (PAPO)

Campbell Syme (Auckland)

Felix Williamson  (Wellington)

Reserve 1: Oliver Edwards (Hutt Valley)

Reserve 2: Matt Harding (PAPO)


Junior Girls:

Anna Duston (Auckland)

Emily Hayes (Auckland)

Kaia Joergensen (PAPO)

Penelope Salmon (Auckland)

Reserve 1: Zara Stewart (Auckland)

Reserve 2: Juliet Frater (Auckland)


Team Manager – Mike Beveridge

Coach – Jean Cory-Wright


Team Travel

Orienteering NZ has booked the team’s return flights to/from New Zealand to Australia.

Athletes who wish alternative post-competition travel from the team travel arrangements may seek a waiver from Orienteering NZ General Manager for exceptional circumstances No later than 3 weeks post team announcement.  If alternative arrangements are approved, any additional costs will be incurred by the athlete.


The NZ Schools Team 2018 this fee will be NZ$1500 and includes team competition costs such as entry fees, food & accommodation and travel while in Australia; Team Staff travel, food & accommodation and accreditation costs; training maps, etc.  It does not include domestic & international airfares to/from New Zealand; these will be charged in addition to the Athlete Contribute fee.

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