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Selection Announcement – New Zealand Secondary Schools Team 2019
By Catriona McBean - Tue 18 Jun 2019 3:08pm
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Wagga Wagga and Surrounds, 27 September to 6 October 2019

This year, two teams of equal ability will be selected to compete for the Southern Cross Trophy against the six Australian states and the Australian Capital Territory in the 2019 Australian Schools Championships.

  Team 1 (Harua) Team 2 (Karahiwi)
Senior Boys:  Mitchell Cooper (AK)

Patrick Hayes (AK)

Ryan Moore (PP)

Liam Stolberger (NW)

Will Tidswell (HB)

Adam Bateman (AK)

Cameron Bonar (NW)

Tom Harding (PP)

Ronan Lee (HB)

Ayrton Shadbolt (PP)

Senior Girls:  Tessa Burns (HB)

Anna Duston* (AK)

Sylvie Frater (AK)

Kyla Rayward (NL)

Jessica Sewell (NW)

Cara Bradding (NW)

Amy Culham (HB)

Jessie Fa’avae (NL)

Kaia Jorgensen (PP)

Penelope Salmon (AK)

Junior Boys:  Nathan Borton (AK)

Luke Clements (AK)

Riley Croxford (NL)

Luke Farrand (NW)

Flynn Hunter (PP)

Olaf Baker (WN)

Liam Buyck (AK)

Zefa Fa’avae (NL)

Felix Hunt (PP)

Samuel Taylor Sinclair (AK)

Junior Girls:  Juliet Frater (AK)

Paulina Harrison (NL)

Emily Hayes (AK)

Sophia Toes (AK)

Daisy York (PP)

Alice Egan (PP)

Mercy Jones (TK)

Hannah Mangnall (NL)

Ruby Nathan (AK)

Zara Stewart (AK)

Non-travelling reserves (in order of selection):


Senior Boys:    Thomas Brendolise (AK), Michael McCormack (AK)

Senior Girls:     Anna Cory-Wright (AK), Rebecca Greenwood (AK)

Junior Boys:     Daniel Wood (CM), James McGuire (CM)

Junior Girls:     Rachel Duston (AK), Pippa Plummer (NW)

* Anna Duston’s selection is dependent on her proving her fitness to the Selection Panel’s satisfaction at either the North Island Secondary Schools Championships (18 – 20 July) or the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships (23 – 25 August)


Team Manager – TBA

Coach – TBA

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