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Selection Announcement – ONZ JUNIOR CAMP 2019 (Updated)
By Russell Higham (ONZ Events Liaison) - Mon 4 Nov 2019 4:00pm
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Junior Camp

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Due to having a short extension to fill spaces we are pleased to announce a complete list of the following Junior Orienteers have been selected to attend the Junior Camp in Pukekohe 15-20 December 2019.

For enquiries please contact Russell Higham, ONZ Events Liaison: [email protected]

Detailed information along with consent forms will be sent very soon.

Alex Jobbins AK
Aliana Henderson AK
Andy Heathcote AK
Angus Edwards AK
Anija Irvine AK
Callum Wishart AK
Campbell Syme AK
Ella Edwards AK
Ellie Evans AK
Emily Hayes AK
Ferguson Muthu AK
Hayden Williams AK
Isabelle McDonnell AK
Juliet Frater AK
Kate Borton AK
Liam Buyck AK
Luca Eastwood AK
Lucy Jobbins AK
Lucy Russ AK
Luke  Clements AK
Molly McGowan AK
Mysty Cooke AK
Nathan Borton AK
Olivia Power AK
Penelope Salmon AK
Pippa Dixon AK
Rachel Duston AK
Ruby Nathan AK
Sam Taylor Sinclair AK
Sofia Toes AK
Sophia Wood AK
Tom Aish AK
Vitali Volkov AK
Zara Stewart AK
Amber Burley AK
Anita Brennan BP
Jack Wilson BP
Marcus Brennan BP
Caitlyn Marx CM
Cameron Richards CM
Daniel Wood CM
James McGuire CM
Jed Moloney CM
Kelly McKinnon CM
Tyler Halliday CM
Max Cunninghame DN
Samantha Bixley DN
Saskia Learmonth DN
Cormac Turley HB
Pierson Clement HB
Oliver Edwards HV
Angus Kopua MB
Anya Murray NL
Edward Swain NL
Hannah Mangnall NL
Kyla Rayward NL
Paulina Harrison NL
Riley Croxford NL
Zefa Fa’avae NL
Lucy Pettit NW
Luke Farrand NW
Manon Bonar NW
Pippa Plummer NW
Rosie Monckton NW
Mercy Jones OT
Simon Bond OT
Alice Egan PP
Angus Steven PP
Clayton Shadbolt PP
Daisy York PP
Felix Hunt PP
Fergus O’Neill PP
Flynn Hunter PP
Isabella Zinzan-Dickie PP
Kaia Joergensen PP
Katherine Babington PP
Ryan Moore PP
Alan Teesdale WN
Ben Mitchell WN
Tommy Thomson WN

All athletes parents will receive an email outlining the confirmation process for camp attendance.

Updated: Monday 4 November 2019 – Updated after short extension to fill available spaces.
Original Post: 14 October 2019

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