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Selection Announcement – WOC 2015
By Catriona McBean - Thu 23 Apr 2015 1:38pm
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Selection Announcement


The confirmed team selected to represent New Zealand at the World Orienteering Championships for 2015 to be held in Inverness, Scotland, 1-7 August 2015 is:


Gene Beveridge (S,SR)

Shamus Morrison (S,R)

Matt Ogden (M,R,L)

Tim Robertson(S, SR, M, R)



Renee Beveridge (M, R)

Lizzie Ingham (S, SR, M, R, L)

Laura Robertson (S, SR, M, R, L)

Imogene Scott (S)


Manager – Malcolm Ingham


Senior Selection Panel

  • Al Cory-Wright (Convenor)
  • Bill Edwards
  • Marquita Gelderman


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