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Selection Notice – New Zealand Secondary Schools Team 2018
By Catriona McBean - Tue 1 May 2018 4:22pm
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New Zealand Secondary Schools Team 2018

Adelaide and Surrounds, 29 September to 7 October 2018

A New Zealand Secondary Schools Team is to be selected to compete for the Southern Cross Trophy against the six Australian states and the Australian Capital Territory in the 2018 Australian Schools Championships.

The championships will be held in and around Adelaide and Adelaide Hills in South Australia as part of the Australian Championships carnival which runs from 29 September to 7 October 2018.

The specific schools championship events are:

  • Sprint Championship, Tuesday 2 October
  • Individual Championship, Wednesday 3 October
  • Relay Championship, Thursday 4 October


Further event information is available at https://www.sa.orienteering.asn.au/2018-australian-championships-event-program

The team will be 16 in size (four each of Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Junior Boys and Junior Girls).  Senior grades have a birthdate of 2002 or earlier.

Selection Criteria

The team selection will be made in accordance with the Orienteering NZ Policy G1 – Selection Policy and Appendix.  This policy is available on the Orienteering NZ website.


The 2018 New Zealand Secondary Schools Team will be based on performances at the following event:


JAFA Queen’s Birthday orienteering event hosted by North West Orienteering Club in Auckland

If you wish to be selected for the NZ Schools Team, you must race in either the Junior Boys/Girls or Senior Boys/Girls ‘A’ grade at the Queen’s Birthday event in Auckland.  Junior: born 2003 or later.  Senior: born 2002 or earlier.

Selection Eligibility

If you have been selected for the 2018 JWOC Team you are ineligible for selection for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Team.

Availability for selection

It will be assumed all orienteers entered in Junior Boys/Girls or Senior Boys/Girls ‘A’ Grades at the Queen’s Birthday event will be available for selection, so no nomination is necessary.

Athletes whose performances at the Queen’s Birthday event may result in their consideration for selection, but who are Not Available for selection, should advise the Junior Panel Selection Convenor, Steve Oram [steveoram@gmail.com] by Friday 18 May 2018.


Team Travel

As stated in Orienteering NZ Policy G5 – International Team Travel:


Safety of team members when “on tour” is paramount.

Team members are expected to be part of team travel arrangements organised by Orienteering NZ.  Where team travel has been organised by Orienteering NZ, team travel arrangements may include domestic and international flights and land transport to and from a competition or event.

  1. Travel Procedures for Junior Teams
    • All members of a junior team, when travelling out of New Zealand, will be accompanied by a Team Staff member, or in exceptional circumstances an adult approved by Orienteering NZ.

For the NZ Secondary Schools Team Orienteering NZ will arrange the team’s return flights to/from New Zealand to Australia.

Athletes who wish alternative post-competition travel from the team travel arrangements may seek a waiver from Orienteering NZ General Manager for exceptional circumstances No later than 3 weeks post team announcement.  If alternative arrangements are approved, any additional costs will be incurred by the athlete.



From 2018 Orienteering New Zealand has set a standard Athlete Contribution fee for teams selected for major events.  For NZ Schools Team 2018 this fee will be NZ$1500 and includes team competition costs such as entry fees, food & accommodation and travel while in Australia; Team Staff travel, food & accommodation and accreditation costs; training maps, etc.  It does not include international airfares to/from New Zealand; these will be charged in addition to the Athlete Contribute fee.


Announcement of Team

The Selectors plan to announce the team as soon as possible after the Queen’s Birthday weekend trials and no later than 30 June 2018.


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