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By Catriona McBean - Tue 27 Sep 2016 1:55pm
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The World Orienteering Championships for 2017 will be held in Otepää, Estonia, 30 June – 8 July 2017.


Selection Criteria

As per the Orienteering NZ G1 Selection Policy.


The 2017 WOC Team will be held based on the following selection events:


Primary Selection event

Oceania Championships, Auckland 14-17 April 2017

Only performances in the three individual events will be taken into consideration for selection.


Overseas-based athletes who are unable to return to New Zealand for these events should nominate in advance up to 3 suitable events, of at least WRE status, to be taken into consideration between 1 March and 17 April 2017.


All orienteers interested in selection for the 2017 WOC team shall notify their interest, year of birth, and cell phone number to the Convenor of Selectors Al Cory-Wright (jean.al@xtra.co.nz) by 1 February 2017.


Note that from 2017 Orienteering New Zealand has set a standard Athlete Contribution fee for teams selected for major events.  For WOC 2017 this fee will include a NZ$500 deposit to be paid prior to WOC and a final payment upon confirmation of costs post-WOC.  Team competition include accommodation and travel during the WOC competition; Team Staff travel, accommodation and accreditation costs; training maps, etc. It does not include international airfares to/from New Zealand or elsewhere to the competition or pre-WOC training camp costs.

Payment of the Athlete Contribution Fee deposit must be made no later than 1 June 2017.

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