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By Malcolm Ingham - Tue 7 Apr 2015 11:29am
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Although the full 2015 SuperSeries will not conclude until Queen’s Birthday, the National Sprint Champs at Kings and Otahuhu Colleges on Good Friday was the last sprint event in the series. The sprint titles (decided over the best 4 sprints out of 5 in total – 3 from Tour de Peninsula, the JWOC Trials Weekend and the Nationals) have thus been decided.

The M21E SuperSeries sprint title goes to Matt Ogden who, in fact, ran only the 3 races from the Tour where his two wins and one second place have given him a margin of 40 points over Nick Hann, another who ran only 3 of the races! With the M20’s running the same course as the M21E’s in all the sprints, they too have qualified for senior points and Tommy Hayes takes 3 rd place only 9 points behind Nick.

With the points for M20 calculated separately from M21E, Tommy’s strong performances in his 4 races are  also enough to give him the Junior Men’s sprint title ahead of Shamus Morrison, with Matt Goodall in 3rd place.

In W21E Laura Robertson made no race of it with 4 wins out of 5 starts (including the National Sprint Champs). Behind her Renee Beveridge has finished 2nd well ahead of the top junior, Danielle Goodall in 3rd.

Despite not running in W20 at the Nationals, Danielle headed the W20 field with 3 wins and a second in her 4 starts, giving her a margin of 60 points over Kayla Fairbairn. Despite only 1 finish in the top 3 Katie Cory-Wright’s overall consistency gives her 3rd place.

Congratulations to all of the above, and indeed to all who have taken part. The running totals for the full SuperSeries will be published shortly. The next round consists of the Otago Middle and Long Distance races at Anzac Weekend – get your entries in now.

 M21EFerrymeadDiamond HarbourLincolnRathkealeKings CollegeTotal
1Matt Ogden10080100  280
2Nick Hann80100  60240
3Tommy Hayes406031100 231
4Shamus Morrison3733805037204
5Gene Beveridge3128606050201
6Duncan Morrison3040373580192
7Cameron Tier33508028191
8Matt Goodall2937504045172
9Ed Cory-Wright45304035150
10Tane Cambridge50453321149
11Devon Beckman45100145
12Nick Smith35353729136
13Alistair Richardson25314526127
14Scott Smith21262830105
15Stephen Harding22292528104
16Max Griffiths23252627101
17Chris Forne603595
18Ryan Williams26233180
19James Crosby19293179
20Connor Cleary24242674
21William Richardson177271869
22Greg Flynn27172165
23=Stuart Engleback1222141664
23=Julius Huhn24182264
25Callum Cleary1821111363
26Matt van der Peet20141953
27=Jonty Oram292251
27=Oliver Egan16152051
29Cameron Metherall14201549
30Callum Hill192342
31Tom Reynolds4040
32Simon Teesdale13121237
33=Karl Dravitzki3333
33=David Rawnsley3333
35George Engleback161632
36Per Melander-Often3131
37=Tom Spencer3030
37=Daniel Redmond891330
37=Andrew Bridger1551030
40Jimmy Hayes111829
41Tim Farrant2828
42=Darren Ashmore2727
42=Flynn Hill101727
42=Greg Hamilton2727
45=Brent Edwards2525
45=Magnus Bengtsson2525
47=Michael Adams2424
47=Steve Oram2424
47=Ian Buunk98724
47=Max Earnshaw111324
51Bill Edwards2323
52Andrew Johnstone101222
53Matthew Jeans2020
54Callum Herries1919
55Jan Perutka1717
56Olly Powell7916
57Liam Paterson1515
58Ieuan Edmonds1414
59Wally Hiraku1111
60Laurence de Burgh1010
61Gergo Verhas99
62=Matthew Turner88
62=Jac Paterson88
64=Ed Pilbrow66
64=Callum Reeves66


 M20FerrymeadDiamond HarbourLincolnRathkealeKings CollegeTotal
1Tommy Hayes8010050100 330
2Shamus Morrison60451006060280
3Matt Goodall4060804580265
4Ed Cory-Wright100406045245
5Cameron Tier45808037242
6Nick Smith50504060200
7Devon Beckman50100150
8Scott Smith31353733136
9Stephen Harding33373130131
10Max Griffiths35333329130
11Ryan Williams373050117
12William Richardson28203531114
13=Callum Cleary29282128106
13=Stuart Engleback24292330106
15James Crosby264035101
16Connor Cleary31302889
17Oliver Egan27242879
18Cameron Metherall26272477
19Simon Teesdale25222774
20Jonty Oram313566
21Callum Hill302959
22George Engleback252550
23Jimmy Hayes222749
24Flynn Hill212647
25Max Earnshaw232346
26Tom Spencer4040
27David Rawnsley3737
28Callum Herries3333
29Ieuan Edmonds2929
30Wally Hiraku2626
31Laurence de Burgh2525
32Matthew Turner2424
33Callum Reeves2222
34Jac Paterson2020


 W21EFerrymeadDiamond HarbourLincolnRathkealeKings CollegeTotal
1Laura Robertson10080100100100400
2Renee Beveridge80100508045310
3Danielle Goodall37508050 217
4Imogene Scott45374560187
5Marion Aebi606060180
6Kayla Fairbairn40404040160
7Katie Cory-Wright30453029134
8Sophie Harrison3127283531125
9Lara Prince353537107
10Lara Molloy27252725104
11=Alexandra Riddle2320223095
11=Emma Carruthers2523202795
13Ellie Malloy1926242493
14=Rebecca Batin2224192691
14=Sassafraz Marshall-Johnson26303591
14=Catherine Andrew29293391
17Alice Tilley405090
18Sonia Hollands453782
19Lauren Holmes28223181
20=Lizzie Ingham8080
20=Steph Harding31232680
20=Emily Forne18332980
23Selena Metherall33212579
24Jenni Adams28262478
25Sarah O’Sullivan373572
26Vida Fox313364
27Tessa Ramsden333063
28Jula McMillan6060
29Anna Parsons21162158
30Hayley Smith24141654
31=Kate Salmon282351
31=Clare McLennan17191551
33=Georgia Whitla5050
33=Clem Rolin15171850
35Erin Paterson152843
36Ting Powell14131441
37Stephanie Smithson161834
38Becky Gray2929
39Rebecca Smith2727
40Natalie de Burgh2525
41Hannah Sampson2222
42Kelly Mulvay2121
43=Charlotte de L’isle2020
43=Jocelyn Thrower2020
45Isla Forbes1717


 W20FerrymeadDiamond HarbourLincolnRathkealeKings CollegeTotal
1Danielle Goodall80100100100 380
2Kayla Fairbairn1006080 80320
3Katie Cory-Wright50804037 207
4Sophie Harrison6037375045192
5Allice Tilley60100160
6=Sonia Hollands8060140
6=Sassafraz Marshall-Johnson354560140
8=Lara Molloy37333530135
8=Catherine Andrew454050135
10Alexandra Riddle30283040128
11Rebecca Batin29312740127
12=Emma Carruthers33302833124
12=Ellie Malloy27353329124
14Lauren Holmes402945114
15Steph Harding503131112
16Vida Fox455095
17Anna Parsons28272984
18Hayley Smith31262582
19Kate Salmon353772
20Hannah Sampson3535
21Kelly Mulvay3333
22Charlotte de L’Isle3131
23Isla Forbes2626


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