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By Malcolm Ingham - Sat 20 Aug 2016 10:14pm

Tim Robertson, Laura Robertson and Imogene Scott are the NZL qualifiers for this afternoon’s WOC sprint final. Tim took 8th place in Heat A where only 34s covered Tue Lassen in first place and the 15th and last qualifier. In Men’s B Ross Morrison was 45 s away from qualifying, finishing in 22nd place. Gene Beveridge in Men’s C heat was similarrly 45 s away from qualifying.

In the earlier women’s heats Laura was comfortably placed in Heat B in 11th place but only 23 s away from 2nd. Imogene, who squeaked into last year’s final by 1s in 15th pace was more comfortable this morning finishing 13th in Heat C. Jula McMillan was the unlucky one drawing by far the fastest women’s heat, 4 places and 19s from qualifying with only 90s between 1st and 15th compared to over 2 minutes in Heats B and C.

Maps and results for the qualifying can be found at http://live.woc2016.se/blog/category/woc-sprint/ .The women’s final starts at 15.41 in Sweden (1.41 am Sunday morning in New Zealand) with the men following at 16.46. Imogene starts at 15.50, Laura at 15.54 and Tim at 17.07.



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