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Three Kiwis in sprint final at World Cup Round 1
By Malcolm Ingham - Mon 7 May 2018 12:58pm
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Tim Robertson, Tommy Hayes and Laura Robertson all made it through to the sprint final on the first day of the European Orienteering Championships which double as the opening round of the 2018 IOF World Cup. After qualifying 10th in heat 1, Tim will be disappointed not to have made the top 10, finishing 17th, just over a minute behind joint winners Daniel Hubmann and Matthias Kyburtz. Tommy, finishing 8th in heat 2 of the qulaifying had a bad day at the office in the final finishing in 53rd place. Laura, like the men, as were the men in their race, was the only non-European to make the final, squeaking in in joint 16th place (with 17 to qualify) in heat 3, then finihsing 42nd in the final won by Tove Alexandersson. With both qualifying and final held on the same day and with relatively significant climb for a sprint event, backing up 2 hard races was alaways going to be difficult.

Men Heat 1: 1. Matthias Kyburz (SUI) 12:48, 2. Daniel Hubmann (SUI) 12:55, 3. Kristian Jones (GBR) 12:59, 10. Tim Robertson (NZL) 13:21.

Men Heat 2: 1. Jonas Leanderssson (SWE) 13:33, 2. Marin Hubmann (SUI) 13:47, 3. Peter Hodgkinson (GBR) 13:52, 8. Tommy Hayes (NZL) 14:11.

Women Heat 3: 1. Silje Ekroll Jahren (NOR) 13:39, 2. Aleksandra Hornik (POL) 13:55, 3. Julia Gross (SUI) 14:00, 16=. Laura Robertson (NZL) 15:06.

Mens Final: 1=. Matthias Kyburz (SUI) 14:44, 1=. Daniel Hubmann (SUI) 14:44, 3. Kristian Jones (GBR) 14:59, 10. Tim Robertson (NZL) 15:46., 53. Tommy Hayes (NZL) 17:27.

Womens Final: 1. Tove Alexandersson (SWE) 15;16, 2. Judith Wyder (SUI) 15:40, 3. Natalia Gemperle (RUS)15:49, 42. Laura Robertson (NZL) 18:08.

Maps can be found at http://www.eoc2018.live/eoc2018-live/day1f.html  . The championships continue with qualifying for the middle distance on Tuesday evening New Zealand time.

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