Three Kiwis into WOC middle distance final
By Malcolm Ingham - Thu 13 Jul 2023 1:45am

Following this morning’s qualification race Matt Ogden, Tim Robertson and Lizzie Ingham will line up in the WOC middle distance final on Saturday. With15 to qualify from each of three heats, none of the three were in any real danger of failing to make it through. Lizzie’s 6th position in Women’s Heat C was the top position, with Matt 13th in Men’s V and Tim 10th in Men’s C.

Joseph Lynch, Amelia Horne and Kaia Joergensen were also close to qualifying, with Joseph, who was very sick overnight, gamely finishing in 17th place in his group, missing out by 2 places and 31 seconds. Amelia was 18th in Women’s 90 seconds from making the cut. Kaia was well on track to qualify before a mistake 2 controls from the end dropped her out of contention.

As expected the terrain was rough, detailed and relatively green, albeit with many tracks, meaning that km rates were never going to be fast. Something similar, if not more complex is expected for Saturday.

MHA: 1. Joey Hadorn (SUI) 27:46, 15. Mathias Peter (AUT) 32:54,17. Joseph 33:25.

MHB: 1. Albin Ridefelt (SWE) 27:42, 13. Matt 32:26.

MHC: 1. Matthias Kyburz (SUI) 28:20, 10. Tim 32:55.

WHA: Hannah Lundberg (SWE) 28:27, 15. Patricia Nieke (GER) 34:04, 18. Amelia 35:35.

WHB: 1. Tove Alexandersson (SWE) 24:51, 15. Florence Hanauer (FRA) 34:02, 23. Kaia 37:41.

WHC. 1. Simona Aebersold (SUI) 25:27, 6. Lizzie 30″13, 15. Leonarda Baltina (LAT) 33:47, 27. Briana 44:53

Attention now turns to tomorrow’s long distance in which Lizzie, Amelia, Briana, Toby Scott and gene Beveridge line up in a straight final.

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