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Tommy Hayes elected to ONZ Council
By Catriona McBean - Tue 10 May 2016 12:22pm
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After the 2016 AGM a vacancy for a 2-year term was advertised and applications invited.

At the time a Council Postal Election Process was announced which included postal voting by clubs.

Only 1 application was received, and in accordance with the new Orienteering NZ constitution, Clause 8.6 (f) ONZ have the pleasure to announce Tommy Hayes has been declared elected to this position.

David Turner, ONZ Chair, welcomes Tommy to the Council and applauds his eagerness to get involved in orienteering governance in his new role as an ONZ Council Member.



ONZ Constitution states:

Clause  8.6 f. If there is not a greater number of candidates than the number of Elected Council member positions available, such candidates shall be declared to have been elected without requirement for an election.

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