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Wellington Orienteering – Whirokino Mapping expression of interest by 1 March 2019
By WgtnOC - Wed 20 Feb 2019 10:41am
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Whirokino Mapping Project

As part of our preparations for the Queen’s Birthday orienteering festival, the Wellington Orienteering Club is seeking expressions of interest for remapping two areas that have not been used for competition in recent years. This is our request for quotes for the second of these areas.


Pines on sand dunes and open farmland.  There is an existing OCAD map at 2.5 m contours of the forested areas, but we anticipate this will be approached as a new map based on available LIDAR data.  The existing map and LIDAR contours will be provided.  This is an area to the north and east of the familiar Osgilliath map. The map is accessed from Waitarere Beach or from Oturoa Rd, just south of where Hwy 1 crosses the Manawatu River.

We seek quotes (as fixed cost or defined mapping rates and estimates of hours) for creating this maps as follows:

  • Prepare base map and conduct fieldwork
  • Map to ISOM2017 specifications.
  • Mapped with 2.5 m contours, to be used at 1:10,000.
  • Delivered as a master map in OCAD 2018 and a version 11 copy.
  • For use in Queens Birthday 2019, with the final map available for planning as close to 1st April 2019 as reasonably possible.

The scope of the mapping is identified in the image below.  Because of the tight timeframe for mapping, we have identified the following areas. Ideally quotes will cover both areas, but if time is limited, Area 1 will be a priority for first delivery.

Area 1: Farmland (blue area) and forest within the identified remap area (green) west of farmland and south of the northern edge of the farmland.

Area 2: All forest in the green remap area, but north of the northern extent of farmland (including that northwest of the farmland) and the identified new area (pine and scrub).

Quotes are to be submitted by 1st March 2019 and should include an indication of expected travel and accommodation costs. Send questions and quotes to: secretary@wellingtonorienteering.org.nz

Whirokino Mapping Project

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