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Will there be 2023 World Schools Championship selection at the 2022 NZSS Orienteering Champs?
By Christo Peters - Sat 9 Jul 2022 11:31am

At the moment ONZ has no information about the scheduling of the World Schools Orienteering Championships. We expect that the event should have be scheduled for 2023 but neither the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) or the International School Sport Federation (ISF) have any information on their websites and we are waiting on any further information from email enquiries to the ISF and School Sport NZ.

Until now ONZ’s Junior Selection Panel has not issued a selection notice due to this lack of information from the IOF and ISF. With the NZSS Orienteering Championships a couple of weeks away, no information available, and a number of schools expressing an interest in attending the World Schools Event, ONZ has made the following decision regarding selection:

The ONZ Junior Selection Panel will produce a ranked list of school teams that could attend the 2023 World Orienteering Championships based on results at the 2022 NZSS Championship results. This ranked list will be shared with schools once we have confirmation from the ISF or School Sport NZ that the 2023 World Orienteering Championships are going ahead. If the event is going ahead, schools will be offered spots based on this list. If a school chooses to turn down a position, this will then be offered to the next placed team on the list. If the 2023 World Schools Orienteering Championships does not go ahead, a new selection process will be set for future events.

Schools are not required to express an interest to be considered for World Schools selection. All schools in attendance will be considered.

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