WOC Paper Team selections announced
By Christo Peters - Fri 2 Jul 2021 8:37pm
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With WOC nearly upon us, ONZ is pleased to announce the 2021 paper selections that would have competed in this year’s event in a non-covid year. The paper team selections sit along side overseas-based athletes Tim Robertson and Toby Scott – the only New Zealand based athletes taking part in this year’s event.


Renee Beveridge   Auckland

Lizzie Ingham   Taranaki

Kaia Joergensen   Canterbury

Lara Molloy   Wellington

Laura Robertson   Wellington

Penelope Salmon   Auckland

Imogene Scott   Auckland


Tim Robertson*   Wellington

Toby Scott*   Auckland

Joseph Lynch   Canterbury

Duncan Morrison   Auckland

Matt Ogden   Nelson

Selection was based on the criteria circulated in the selection notice posted on the ONZ website in December 2020. Thank you to the Senior Selection Panel for selecting the team. Congratulations to all athletes named in the team and good luck to Tim and Toby at this year’s WOC!

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