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By Malcolm Ingham - Sat 20 Aug 2016 6:56am

The first WOC race, sprint qualification, is tomorrow (Saturday in Sweden) in Stromstad. Team NZL start times are

Jula McMillan 9:06 (7.06 pm NZ)

Laura Robertson 9:13

Imogen Scott 9:22

Ross Morrison 10:12

Gene Beveridge 10:19

Tim Robertson 10:32

No live tracking for the qualification but live results at http://live.woc2016.se/blog/category/woc-sprint/ , 3.1-3.2 k for the women, 3.5-3.6 k for the men. Top 15 in each of 3 groups to qualify for the final, which starts 3.41 pm local time.

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