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WOC2015 Report #2.5 – driving technology
By Malcolm Ingham - Thu 30 Jul 2015 4:02am

As you may notice from the photo attached to the first report, we have a nearly new Ford 8-seater minivan as part of our transport arrangements. This wonder of driving technology comes complete with all kinds of mysterious knobs and buttons and a digital display on the dashboard which produces really useful messages for the driver. Sadly the electronics need a bit of work. Whenever we turn on the ignition we get a message “Tyre detectors not found. Please check manual.” Repeated checks have shown that we do indeed have 4 tyres, but we have yet to find the manual.

On going round a sharp right bend we are told “Rear passenger side door open.” After the first 6 times of reopening and slamming this sliding door we have now started to ignore this message, acknowledging that in doing so we run the risk of forgetting to shut it and losing a team member out of the van. On occasion this message has alternated in rapid succession with the previous one.

Several times on stopping on a down slope we have had “Hill start assistance not available”. We have no clue what this refers to. Further messages will be posted as they occur. However, we are now waiting to be told that the ejector seat has been activated.

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