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World Cup Round 3 starts Thursday
By Malcolm Ingham - Wed 29 Sep 2021 9:26pm

The final round of the IOF World Cup for 2022 in Cansiglio in Italy starts on Thursday evening New Zealand time. Round 3 consists of a long distance on Thursday, a middle distance on Saturday and a sprint relay on Sunday. As throughout 2022 NZL will be represented by Tim Robertson and Toby Scott.

GPS tracking, Web-TV and live results can be accessed through https://orienteering.sport/event/world-cup-final/welcome/

The long race will be held in the Cansiglio beech forest, a plateau 70 km from Venice, famous for supplying wood to the lagoon city. The race will take place in a karst terrain between 1000 and 1400 m.a.s.l. with lots of point details; occasionally stony with a lot of charcoal platforms. Hilly topography with moderate to steeper slopes with a dense net of forest roads. Beech forest with high runnability and good visibility. Start times are not yet published but the first men’s start is at 10 pm New Zealand time.

Added Thursday am: for those wanting to watch Toby starts at 2338 tonight (Thursday), Tim at 0026 tomorrow (Friday).

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