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Congratulations to Chris Forne and his Yealands team who won GodZone 2016
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Mon 11 Apr 2016 1:50pm
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Congratulations to the winners of GODZone Chapter 5, 2016 – Team Yealands Family Wines – Dan Moore, Sia Svendsen, Dan Busch, and Chris Forne. Well done to all teams – including Swordfox in second place (Brent Edwards, Stu Lynch, Ash Whitehead and Naomi Whitehead)

Several orienteers competed in various teams in the adventure race that included map navigation legs – and as the videos and articles mention, good navigation, route choice, and team work was important in the race.

Stage 4 included an elite level foot orienteering course that was set by Nelson Orienteering Club, using a proper orienteering map.


Yealands Team videos


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