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By NZ JWOC Team - Mon 23 May 2016 8:58am

While the majority of the team have been juggling uni/school with training alongside daily life, I’m fortunate enough to be able to focus solely on my training.

I recently spent a month in Australia getting some solid training in while seeing how the Australians are preparing for jwoc. I am now at the start of my third week in Switzerland, the first week I spent acclimatising in Lausanne doing some simple strength trainings and short runs before I started my big block of training in the mountains.

I’ve planned to stay 28 days in the town of Zermatt which is located at the base of the Matterhorn. My aim is to push my body with many runs into altitude, running at least 2500m above sea level every 4th day.

My first week in Zermatt feels like the hardest training week I have ever done.

On Monday my first run was up to a lake called Stellisee which sits at around 2500m, I took it easy to see how the lungs would cope and ran 13.11km with aprox 1000m climb and decent.

Tuesday was a short 1km warm up, then 15 x 1 min sprints with one full minutes rest between each sprint. I was only at 1600m above sea level but damn it was tough, pushed so hard I could taste iron in my throat! Then did a 1km warm down.

Wednesday was a rest day, yay!

Thursday: 15 mins easy, 35 mins moderate, 5 mins easy, 15 mins hard, 12.9km with 400m climb.

Friday was my next big run, this time up to a different lake called Gornergratsee and by big it was only 18.33km but the first 9km was all uphill climbing 1300m!!

Saturday was a nice easy 1.5hr run, 15.51km with 300m climb.

And finally Sunday was 15.41km with 700m climb doing 20 mins easy, 40 mins moderate, 10 mins easy, 20 mins hard.

My total for the week is; 83.56km with 3800m of climb in 9hrs 6mins. I’m keen for my easy day tomorrow!!

So far I’ve been having a blast here and can’t wait for the rest of the team to get over here, they’re going to absolutely love it!!

– Shamus

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