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Tane Cambridge on NZ Orienteering Champs 2016
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Wed 13 Apr 2016 5:48pm
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Tane Cambridge has posted on his blog about his experiences at the New Zealand Orienteering Championships 2016:

Back in the mainland this year it was good to have the Nationals essentially at home in the Nelson region. This was Nationals number 15 in a row (Tom stole my fun fact in his blog…. luckily I am able to out do him). Training wise since Coast to Coast and Absolute Wilderness I had had hardly any chance to get in any real training so I just had one target in mind and that was the Long.

The sprint went well as a warm up apart from one mistake midway through the race which cost me 30-40 seconds, but only really one place as it turned out. I was a bit upset initially until later I found out I ended up 5th.

Read more on Tane’s website blog…

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