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Gene Beveridge Perfect Flow with Jean Cory-Wright
Podcast with Jean Cory-Wright
By Gene Beveridge - Thu 08 Oct 2020

In this episode of the Perfect Flow podcast Gene Beveridge talks with Orienteer Jean Cory-Wright. Jean grew up and competed at the elite level in the UK before moving to New Zealand where she has been

NZ Crew at Cerkno Cup 2018
Cerkno Cup (Gene Beveridge Blog)
By Gene Beveridge - Fri 31 Aug 2018

Slovenia delivered on all fronts with some tough orienteering and wonderful settings. 5 races in 5 days, 3 middle distances in some of the world famous karst terrain, 1 long distance in the mountains and a sprint in the small town of Cerkno.

Gene Beveridge running at WOC 2018
WOC Reflection (Gene Beveridge Blog)
By Gene Beveridge - Mon 20 Aug 2018

I’ve had some time to reflect on another WOC and form some ideas about what I’m trying to achieve.

WOC Nerves (Gene Beveridge Blog)
By Gene Beveridge - Thu 09 Aug 2018

So far my experience this year at the World Orienteering Champs has been limited to spectating, but I finally hit the start line tomorrow in my 4th WOC relay.

Perfect Flow Podcast #2 – Lizzie Ingham Brokenhearted
By Gene Beveridge - Wed 08 Aug 2018

In this, the second episode of the Perfect Flow podcast, Gene Beveridge talks to Lizzie Ingham, New Zealand’s best ever female orienteer about her early successes and the unforeseen condition which tried its best to derail her career. Not only is Lizzie healthy now but she made a return to representing New Zealand yesterday at World Orienteering Champs here in Latvia.

Gene Beveridge Blog – First Jukola Run Down
By Gene Beveridge - Tue 20 Jun 2017

After many years of waiting, I have finally experienced the Jukola mass start. This outrageously big race has never been at the right time of the year for me to compete in, but with WOC earlier than usual this year the opportunity arose.

blog-2017-gene-beveridge-jukola-start credit: Jukola
Gene Beveridge Blog – European Campaign for 2017
By Gene Beveridge - Sat 17 Jun 2017

Here I am on the eve of my first Jukola surrounded by orienteering in another European summer.

Gene VLOG 5
Gene Beveridge VLOG #5 – WOC – Comments from the Swedish Forest and EXTREME ROCKS
By Gene Beveridge - Wed 17 Aug 2016

Gene updates us on the NZ team in preparation for World Orienteering Championships in Sweden while taking a map walk through the Swedish Forest.

Update from the New Zealand WOC Team
By Gene Beveridge - Wed 17 Aug 2016

Update from the New Zealand WOC team on their training in Sweden. Looking forward  to following the live coverage and GPS tracking starting this Saturday!

Gene VLOG `1
Follow the WOC Team
By Gene Beveridge - Mon 08 Aug 2016

Half of the NZ WOC team is already in Europe with the other half arriving soon. Follow their training and racing throughout this month by subscribing to Gene’s YouTube Channel and Website for news and updates.

NZ JWOC Trials Map - Long
JWOC Trials – genebeveridge.co.nz
By Gene Beveridge - Thu 26 Mar 2015

Masterton hosted the JWOC Trails and the second round of the New Zealand Orienteering Super Series last weekend. This consisted of a middle and sprint on the Saturday and long on the Sunday…

Renee and Gene
WUOC – Gene Beveridge: First 2 days in Czech
By Gene Beveridge - Thu 07 Aug 2014

I flew into Prague on Monday and took the train to Olomouc. Transport here seems to run really smoothly and I got all the way to the accommodation by just following my nose. Most of the team were already settled in and had been training already. The accommodation is in a student residence block with […]

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