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Podcast with Jean Cory-Wright
By Gene Beveridge - Thu 8 Oct 2020 10:26am
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Gene Beveridge Perfect Flow with Jean Cory-Wright

In this episode of the Perfect Flow podcast Gene Beveridge talks with Orienteer Jean Cory-Wright. Jean grew up and competed at the elite level in the UK before moving to New Zealand where she has been one of our most influential coaches. Jean has a passion for teaching and has a lot to offer on psychology, much of which is going into her new book.

About Contributor: Gene Beveridge

Gene Beveridge is a mechanical engineer based in Auckland, New Zealand who is passionate about nature, and inspired by the thrill of adventure. There was a time when he never saw himself as a sportsperson. Since 2010 Gene has been pursuing his dream of becoming one of the top off-road runners and orienteers in the world.

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