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WUOC – Gene Beveridge: First 2 days in Czech
By Gene Beveridge - Thu 7 Aug 2014 7:27am
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Renee and Gene

I flew into Prague on Monday and took the train to Olomouc. Transport here seems to run really smoothly and I got all the way to the accommodation by just following my nose. Most of the team were already settled in and had been training already. The accommodation is in a student residence block with all the facilities we need and I think it will be really fun once all the other teams are here too.

I ran my first training on Tuesday which was relevant to the WUOC middle distance with very little contour detail and a patchwork of varying vegetation. Most of the green areas were as shown and the dark green had to be taken seriously. The map felt pretty old as a few of the denser areas had opened and most of the stumps had rotted away. Looking at the old version of the race area I think we will have more open forest on race day. Hopefully more like this!

Read more at http://genebeveridge.co.nz/first-2-days-in-czech/

About Contributor: Gene Beveridge

Gene Beveridge is a mechanical engineer based in Auckland, New Zealand who is passionate about nature, and inspired by the thrill of adventure. There was a time when he never saw himself as a sportsperson. Since 2010 Gene has been pursuing his dream of becoming one of the top off-road runners and orienteers in the world.

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