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NZ JWOC Team | Orienteering New Zealand - Part 2
JWOC prep continues
By NZ JWOC Team - Mon 23 May 2016

While the majority of the team have been juggling uni/school with training alongside daily life, I’m fortunate enough to be able to focus solely on my training.
I recently spent a month in Australia

New Zealand Mountain Running Champs
By NZ JWOC Team - Thu 19 May 2016

Last weekend 4 of the team members, Tommy, Ed, Alice and myself, travel to Queenstown to race in the New Zealand Mountain Running Champs. The race was based in central Queenstown, starting from the base of the Gondola, and traversing up a vehicle access track, before moving onto some tight single track in the forest, […]

The Road to the Mountains
By NZ JWOC Team - Tue 17 May 2016

There’s only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and less than 8 weeks till JWOC 2016 now. Unfortunately, when you factor in university, travel to university, sleeping and eating that only leaves a little time to train even when you multitask eating, sleeping and university (oops). But somehow the long sessions […]

JWOC 2016 logo
JWOC 2016
By NZ JWOC Team - Sat 07 May 2016

JWOC 2016 will be held in Switzerland in the Engadin valley from July 9th – 15th. The event centre is in Scoul which has been a well known wellness resort for over 130 years. The scenery is said to be spectacular. On arrival, trainings planned by coach Rob Jessop will help us acclimatise to the European terrain […]

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