Amelia’s on a runners high
By Christo Peters - Sat 1 Jul 2023 4:43pm

Amelia’s on a runners high

Amelia Horne from Nelson Orienteering Club has been wearing the NZ Athletics shirt debuting at the 2023 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships recently. In the lead up to this race Amelia claimed the bronze at the 2022 New Zealand Short Course Trail Championships. On Friday Amelia ran the short trial race in Austria alongside fellow female runners  Jessica Campbell, Katie Morgan and Caitlin Fielder with Dwight Grieve as the NZ male rep in the short race.

The short trail was 45.2 km in length with 3,132m in elevation with 85% trail and 2% gravel and 13% tarmac. The route started through Innsbruck’s old town and ran  through the stunning Kalkkögel mountains, which are known as the “Dolomites of North Tyrol. hreading its way through avalanche barriers, the route traverses the mountainside leading to the Starkenberger Hütte, from where a steep downhill passage leads to the finishing line. Spectators had a spectacular viewpoint  accessible by the Kreuzjoch cable car , at 2,136 m above sea level (36m into the race).

Cailin Fielder  came in 12th place , Katie Morgan  50th, Jessica Campbell was 75th and Amelia Horne in 99th place thankfully before the race was stopped.  Due to adverse and severe weather conditions, the 2023 WMTRC Trail Short competition was suspended at Kreuzjoch/Sennjoch, and round 50 athletes were affected; they had to trail back to the aid station Kreuzjoch and abandon the competition.

Amelia says of the event ” The scenery was wicked, especially above the treeline, we got some great views and we traversed under some rock cliffs which were very impressive. Except for the downhill, majority of the course wasn’t too technical. The last downhill was also quite muddy after the rain and people ahead of me had gone down it.  There was good variety, although more hard-packed gravel tracks than I was expecting. There was also lots of climbing, my watch recorded over 3,500m of vert. The team was really supportive though and there were a lot of people out on course cheering us on which was awesome support. ”

Also in the same event series but in the mountain classic race on Saturday you may well recognise the second place-getter – Tove Anderssen from Sweden claimed the silver medal. 

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