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Club Forum summary
By Christo Peters - Sat 30 Oct 2021 2:11pm

It was great to see everyone at Tuesday’s Club Forum.  We had 13 of our 17 clubs represented as well as a number of ONZ committees, staff and Council members. Thank you ato Tom Reynolds who has led the ONZ Volunteer project and this year’s Forum.

We welcome any feedback you have about the forum and/or any resources you feel could be shared. I have also attached the attachment originally circulated with the meeting link.

A couple of key points that stood out for us as organisers:

  • There is range of opinions from different clubs, it is likely that these perspectives are influenced by where clubs sit in the club life-cycle.

  • Club committees may not fully realise the opportunities they are missing.  Things like existing structure is likely to be part of what is inhibiting new members. Having extremely long serving members in broad roles is excellent for keeping the lights on in a club, but makes it hard to get renewal happening. Is just  “keeping the lights” desirable or are clubs or are they missing out on key opportunities as a result?

  • Resources are great and can help new volunteers undertake roles by providing clear explanations of what is expected.  At the same time autonomy and being able to do your own thing sometimes is good and is part of the genesis behind things like UCOC.  Both concepts are not mutually exclusive and clubs need an element of both.

  • If the Club Forum attendance was indicative of volunteers in our sport in general, we need to mindful of engaging other age groups – the forum only had two participants under 35 and none under 30yrs old!

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