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JWOC 2016 Middle Qualification Start times for NZ Team
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Wed 13 Jul 2016 7:41pm

The JWOC 2016 Middle Qualification Race is on Wednesday night from 8pm NZ time.

The start times for the NZ team members for the middle qualification race  are:

  • Shamus Morrison (GPS) 10:02 race time  [8:02pm NZST]
  • Sonia Hollands 10:25  [8:25pm NZST] (starting dependent on her ankle in the morning)
  • Lara Molloy 10:29  [8:29pm NZST]
  • Ed Cory-Wright 10:30  [8:30pm NZST]
  • Cameron de Lisle 10:44  [8:44pm NZST]
  • Danielle Goodall 10:49  [8:49pm NZST]
  • Katie Cory-Wright 11:05  [9:05pm NZST]
  • Devon Beckman 11:10  [9:10pm NZST]
  • Kayla Fairbairn 11:15  [9:15pm NZST]
  • Alice Tilley 11:21  [9:21pm NZST]
  • Tommy Hayes 11:24  [9:24pm NZST]
  • Matthew Goodall 11:46  [9:46pm NZST]

Links for live results & GPS tracking on the JWOC 2016 event website: http://www.jwoc2016.ch/

  • Live-Ticker, Live Results, Live GPS starting at 8pm NZST
  • First 20 of each heat are qualified for A-Final on 14th July 2016

Facebook:.NZ JWOC Team Supporters

New Zealand Supporters Chat Room:https://onzsupporters.slack.com/messages/jwoc2016-nzsupporters/details/
Register here to join the NZ Supporters Chat room.

 “The team is all ready and excited for middle qualification. They can see the last control and finish chute from their accommodation window. Weather is forecasted for cooler temperatures & rain, so they will be glad to be able to go back inside for hot showers and hot lunch after the race.”


View of the finish arena from our window this morning, the last control just around the back of the tennis court to the right. Still in the clouds up here, but they are trying to clear hopefully for the racing this morning. source: NZ JWOC Supporters on Facebook


About Contributor: ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe

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