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Understanding ONZ’s Membership – Part 2
By Christo Peters - Thu 30 Sep 2021 12:18pm

Last month we started to have a look at some of the information generated from enrollments on our national membership database. In part one we learnt that there was a significant interest in rogaine events – nearly half our members expressed an interest in a discipline which currently makes up 14% of the events offered nationally.  We also found that nearly 63% of members have been involved in our sport for 5 or fewer years.

This issue we look at involvement in other sports and where in the world our members originate from.

What other sports are Orienteers involved in?

61.8% of Orienteers also play other sports. Participation in these sports was relatively evenly divided between genders. What very noticeable was that the majority of those taking part in other sports were in one of three age bands: 10-19yrs, 40-49yrs, 50-59yrs. These three bands accounted for 68.2% of all responses.

NZSSSC 2020 statistics show the biggest sports for secondary school aged students to be netball, basketball, rugby union, volleyball and football. Of these sports, football and hockey are popular amongst orienteers. Although netball does figure as top-10 sports for this age group, its numbers fall well below sports like adventure racing, skiing and tramping.

The Sport New Zealand 2018 Active Recreation survey shows that the most popular active activities for adults include running/jogging, swimming, road cycling.

ONZ’s membership figures show an involvement in 43 other sports, with a preference for individual, non-facility based outdoor sports.

Note – 53% of members completed this question.

Which countries do our members originate from?

It may be reasonable to think that a sport like Orienteering that has its roots in Europe would have a relatively large proportion of members born there. This is not the case. Three percent of members were born in Europe (excludes the United Kingdom). The 2018 Census tells us that the 27.4% of New Zealanders are born overseas. Only 20.7% of those in our clubs are born overseas. The biggest countries of origin outside New Zealand are the United Kingdom (9.6%) and Australia (2.5%).

Note – 71.7% of members completed this question

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