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By Christo Peters - Wed 2 Mar 2022 6:37pm


This week we had an excellent meeting with the organising team for the Nationals. Despite the situation we are currently in on the exponential curve of increasing Covid cases, the team remain committed and positive about running the Nationals in Easter around Nelson. Talking with a number of orienteers in recent weeks, I think the expectation has been for the Nationals to be postponed, so it may come as a surprise for many (hopefully a pleasant surprise), that plans are moving full steam ahead to continue with the event. It is great to see this positivity and can-do approach, and big ups to everyone involved in this – I am sure I speak on behalf of all orienteers that we really appreciate the work, commitment and effort from the team in bringing this to fruition for the benefit of orienteers around the country.

It certainly is a really interesting time, and for the first time ever in this pandemic we are having to get used to the easing of restrictions despite the rapid rise in Covid cases – counter logical on one level, but an immense relief on another as we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel in terms of being able to run major events with less fear of lockdown. And of course the prospect of travel outside of NZ is something many orienteers will be excited about, and we look forward to that and also welcoming our Australian and other international friends back into NZ very soon.

Of course we have a wee way to go to get through the current wave of infections sweeping the country. Personally I have had two family members test positive this past week, so it is something that is and will be touching everyone. I hope all of you get through this time with minimal impact and with good health in the long term, and look forward to seeing many of you at the Nationals or other events very soon.

Stay safe, and happy running

Peter Swanson   |   ONZ Chairperson
027 302 4863

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